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Superstar Team Series by Metro Technology Centers

Date: October 21, 2020 Time: 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Event Description Build Excellence in Teams
Does your team need a restart as a result of the pandemic? Are you ready to move forward and set a course for the future? Two of our fabulous instructors, Linda Clark and Erin Greilick, are back with four virtual sessions concentrated on the how-to’s of leading great teams.
Join our Superstar Teams Series to learn what makes a highly effective team, how a diverse group of individuals becomes top-performing, and tips to get your work team operating more like the superstars they have the potential to be.
Whether you lead teams or are a team member, this series will impact how you bring people with widely different backgrounds, expertise and approaches together – even remotely – to work effectively toward a common purpose and produce amazing results that no individual could have produced alone.

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Date/Time Information October 1: Top-Performing Teams 
Top-performing teams are the “holy grail” all organizations seek. They demonstrate the importance of the collaboration, coordination and contribution of people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Learn the characteristics of high-functioning teams and how they gain exponentially better results by working together rather than as individuals. Find out how your team stacks up to these top-performers and how to increase your team’s performance.
October 7: Building Effective Teams
Building a team from the ground up is both exhilarating and frightening. How do you select and engage the right individuals? What needs to happen so people can bring their best? Understand the stages of team formation and learn an effective approach to build cohesion and coordination quickly. Discover best-practices for launching a top-performing team that expands your resources.
October 14: Team Reboot 
All teams struggle to maintain a high level of performance. The best teams quickly identify and address issues so they can re-establish their rhythm and move forward. Learn common pitfalls that threaten team performance and a practical approach to identifying and addressing them. Participants bring real-world team challenges and plan how to address the struggles and gaps the team faces.
October 28: Conflicts and Teams
Conflict is too often considered bad and indicative of dysfunction. Actually, conflict is natural, unavoidable and necessary. In fact, conflict becomes a towering strength if managed well. Discuss benefits and costs of team conflict, and learn different approaches to effectively manage conflict. Understand when to apply approaches to yield the best outcomes, and determine how to provide support for team members struggling with conflict.
Each virtual session runs from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m.
While the topics are presented as a series, each is a stand-alone course.
Registration is required.
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