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Discover Your A-Game Series by Metro Technology Centers

Date: November 10, 2020 - December 1, 2020
Event Description One of Our Most Highly Rated Series is Back! The pandemic has presented unique challenges that have made every leader question their capabilities. If you are seeking to elevate your skills and take them to the next level throughout the crisis, this professional development series is for you.
Two of our premiere instructors, Linda Clark and Erin Greilick, are back with four virtual sessions concentrated on the essential building blocks that differentiate superior leaders from the rest of the pack.
Join our Discover Your A-Game series to learn the fundamental capabilities all leaders need to succeed in the workplace today. Whether you are currently in a leadership role or are a professional seeking to further their personal development, this series will help you take your skills to the next level and produce amazing results.

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November 3: Emotional Intelligence
We all have moments when we tell ourselves: “It would be so much simpler if I just did this myself.” Today’s work, though, almost always requires input and contribution from others, making it impossible to accomplish our goals without counting on, collaborating with and involving co-workers. Emotional intelligence gets to the core of our interactions with others. What is best about emotional intelligence is that we can all get much better at it.

November 10: Leadership and Feedback
As a leader, it’s likely you are well versed at giving feedback. However, as we work to retain and engage employees, they tell us they want more feedback but they don’t know exactly how to receive and implement it. The moment of receiving feedback is often uncomfortable, where emotion and skill clash. Receiving feedback sits squarely in the intersection of confidence, acceptance, professional perception and developmental goals. This seminar will teach you a sure-fire four-step process to help others receive feedback actively and integrate it into your workforce.

November 17: Managers as Coaches
Research on coaching shows a 300–500 percent return on investment when business coaching is used in the workplace. Having managers who understand coaching and the coaching process creates an invaluable resource for employees, and also creates the opportunity for peer coaching. Suddenly, with coaching readily available within your teams, your culture is even more supportive of creative problem solving and collaborative spaces.

December 1: Leading Change
The series concludes with a “capstone,” in which the capabilities you developed during the previous workshops are applied to real-life organizational change. Superior performers have a critical role in their organizations as leaders, mentors and coaches. The capstone challenges you to critically consider your current contributions to a change initiative and how you can apply your core capabilities to be an even better leader of change.

Each virtual session runs from 9 to 11 a.m.
While the topics are presented as a series, each is a stand-alone course. Registration is required.
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